I want a grocery store at Sage Creek on Bettis Academy Road in Graniteville

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    Denise Fulmer

    I live in Sage Creek in Graniteville. So do 500 of my neighbors. We have to drive at least 12 miles to get to the nearest grocery store. Someone…please build us a grocery store so we can shop on the way to work and on the way home.



    I agree! We need a grocery store nearby.


    dana moore

    I agree. I would like a trader joes, or walmart neighborhood market, and small shops around to go shopping.



    Graniteville needs a grocery store, an inexpensive restaurant other than fast food, and a small hardware store.


    Stephanie Peacock

    We would also like a grocery store. Preferably a Kroger.


    Jamie Fletcher

    Publix or Kroger would be nice. A chick-fil-a would be swell, too.


    Waiting patiently

    How about a movie theater or some restaurants definitely a grocery is needed!


    Kevin Green

    And good restaurants


    Janice Wilson

    My husband and I live at Sage Creek and we’d love a nice store like Kroger, Ingles or Publix.

    We’d like to have restaurants such as Jimmy Johns, Chick-fil-a, Zoes and sit down restaurants such as Fatz, Applebees, Red Robin, a steak house and chinese restaurant and of course a Starbucks.

    Please, please bring us a Lowes!!!

    We would LOVE to have a public golf course and nice driving range!

    Other things we’d like to see along Bettis Academy is a Walgreens and a shopping center that includes clothing stores, possibly an outlet center.

    Please develop this area with attractive looking business’ that will make this a quaint and desirable living area. Thank you



    Yes, please give us a Grocery store or a Target!


    John Sansom

    A “lifestyle” shopping center anchored by a nice grocery store (Kroger, Harris Teeter, etc).


    Daniel Calkins

    Please bring us a grocery store


    Joy Calkins

    We need a grocery store! We are about 15 miles away from the closest grocery store. We have the shoppers just provide the grocery store, PLEASE!


    Danielle Blendowski

    I also live in Sage Creek and would love to see a Kroger or Publix nearby! With the way the neighborhood is growing so quickly, there is no doubt that a grocery store is much needed and would get a lot of business. Some sit down restaurants and other types of shopping outlets would be great as well since the closest thing that would resemble a mall is in Augusta.


    Regina P.

    I also live in Sage Creek and agree with the previous comments on the necessity for a a neighborhood grocery store with accompanying shopping and restaurants. I would add that proper design guidelines should be in effect that will create a commercial/retail development that visually ties into and enhances the character of Sage Creek. To create a cohesive, attractive, and walkable community, we need shops and stores that utilize a similar color palette, brick and stone as the homes, along with sidewalks and street trees.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)

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